Lesson for Ancient Egyptian Art paintings: Modern Pain Foundation

Egyptian painters’ them into powder and mixed with gum. The resulting pigment is dissolved as a painter wet brush and rub over the surface more like a watercolor in use today. Applications created using paint brush, which makes an innovative arrangement derived from other plants swamp. Brush held inventory green color made with one end of the fiber rod khat. One letter of support from Papyrus paintings, wood paneling, wood and stone, the walls and parts of the pyramids and temples. Today, manufacturers of color, the use of binders which resemble rubber used by painters ancient Egyptians mixed with pigments to produce a source of dye dry as pastels, crayons and the like as well as the media wet as akriliks, gouache, paper, water, emulsion and oil paint and more , modern painters sought to improve the coverage of support for traditional painting, while still very important.

The theme for the paintings show that the Egyptians believed in life after death and the lives of affluent class groups. Topics included human hunting and feast, Pharaoh, the rich and more particularly to migrate to the dead, the worship place of musicians and services, and the Judgment of the grave sites are known whereabouts of the deceased. Today, a variety of everyday activities that reflect the ideas and beliefs of modern society is the theme for the painting, as practiced by the ancient Egyptians. This includes political themes, fun themes, and topics in social awareness about health, education, agriculture and religion.

In addition, various techniques have been used by the previous Egyptian painter. For example, they represent a picture of the painting followed a typical Egyptian shame. The head and legs in profile with one eye to see. Men paint and a lot of black women and children. prominent people in society and nobility painted big black slaves. This image is representative of whether an existing class in Egypt. Distance or deep drawing (view) is pulled to the placement of the body on top of another. Animals and plants in their natural habitat naturalism based paint to indicate the precise observation. kabarta technical paintings (Secco frescoes) and painting plaster or dry surfaces. This painting technique enables skillful painter Egypt to show the real theme or subject painted. Today, the idea of a vision that is one of the common vision has been tightened, including an aerial view with different types of views, such as linear and angular shape isometric view. Also, the method of painting has been supported by several canvases, logical, abstract and semi-abstract rendering.

In terms of jobs, in ancient Egyptian art created primarily to serve the metaphysical world of the dead. He was given a lively scene in the world who died. It also shows the power of Pharaoh. For example, the king depicted on the chest paint described as hunters after the herd, the cow escape from the desert as well as a great person. Most paintings show nobility, wealth, and prosperity of Egypt. Dhaqax paintings used to decorate the inside and outside of public buildings and private sectors to strengthen its aesthetic value. Today his paintings are also used for the same purpose of this is to perpetuate the memory of the past and people as heroes and remember the times and life experiences. It is also used to enhance the visual appeal of the area.

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