Great Creative Illustration Techniques for Art Modern Designers

Graphic artist has introduced himself as a unique mechanism before adopting and using in the production of graphic design production. For example, some of the techniques that photographers are 1. This photo Pen and technology involves conversion of image outlines of a pencil drawing. This path is used to go to graduate. After drying, a small number of lines to be diluted with water for a lighter tone. Brush is used to apply the paint in the black areas of the picture. Where the paint is washed to make different sounds to bring the image shape. Scan made more powerful by using the pen line. It is used for catalogs, villages and market scenes, design fashion magazines, book covers, etc.

2. It is the use of pen and ink pen and ink to draw a line from the image and using one of the methods of shading to bring the form of images. It is used for photography books, newspapers and magazines.

3. Flat color painting- In this technique, the colors painted houses with no tone difference. Edge component of the image paints a sharp and important differences in different parts of the image. The images used in the story books, road signs, greeting cards, etc.

4. The painting- Realistically this is a picture of an object to show more detail as they actually appear in nature. It is used for advertising, fashion magazines and books and pictures.

5. Silhouette- is made in the image of the outline of a pen and fill the bottom of the same black paint or ink. The photos do not show the details of the surface only to define the outlines of objects to be displayed. They are used for road signs, symptoms package, the pictures from fashion magazines, etc.

6. Cartooning- this is a joke or a grenade characters created by an exaggerated form. This technique is used to display images of children’s books, magazines, newspapers, etc.

7. Photography- took a shot of real objects and locations using the camera. It gives the appearance of real objects and locations. The photographs used for the posters, magazines, newspapers, etc.

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