Engineer and Design Process The Brain Behind Successful Creations

Apparels for personal adornment interest other improvements to livelihoods activities made possible through the design process and tor, engineer. creative abilities can be developed interest increased through the work and the design process tor, engineer. organizational skills, production skills, thinking skills learned as an artist through the design process. These skills, once developed, can be used to produce products for Yang useful when sold to help finance needs. Needs, tastes sintin interest wishes of customers are satisfied with the steps in the design process carefully followed. priority interest specifications for shape, size, Murmur, etc. Customers’ satisfaction. It is in helping to maintain good customer relationships and broad mobilization sales.

There are ten steps in the design process and tor, engineer. This is:

i. identity crisis
ii. definition of the problem
iii. investigation of the problem
iv. Maybe some never Knew solution Yang
v. IDEA development
vi. Early in the design / model-making
vii. image processing
VIII. Type / Model
IX. evaluation
x. production

(I) identification of the problem:

This is the first stage of the system design add add the current crisis that requires the production of an item are clearly stated. For example, most of the students in the school drop store permit where identity cards and cash.

(Ii) A description of the problem:

This is the second stage in the design process not add certain types of add issue identified, together with Yang equipment available and the client’s economic strength. For example, most of the girls keep the product to not have bags Which is the reason why they lost so easily. There are heaps of leather off-Luka stored in the school of visual arts studio.

(Iii) Analysis of problems:

This is the third stage and most importantly add Where the design process designers are involved in research and analysis to find a solution to the problem were right.

He asks himself some questions and try to find answers to the survey too big. For example, APA Its really causing a lot of money for tirio and ID card? Must be negligent or thieves school students? Or, ITU true that students have a safe is to keep this single? A thorough investigation proved that students Yang Yang require their facilities can safely store.

He then probe into the shape, size and shape of the Criminal Code, article, production equipment, the cost of the Criminal Code, article, the production process; Security Criminal Code, article, add interest cultural aspects Criminal Code, the final article.

• The shape, size and the very shape of the Criminal Code, the article should be considered property-property. For example, facilities are students, not to be able to fit too complicated and should be in school uniform pockets. Structures facilities measuring length of 10cm × 8cm wide would be very appropriate.

• Hardware and the need for selection of production-equipment requires interest, artistic works have to see the availability, suitability see interest Resistant and financial strength of its customers. Because the skin is freely add Luka plentiful sector, Hold no interest suitable for the production of sacks, ITU will be used. Skin need a simple interest in the visual arts studio equipment can be used for production facilities.

• Value add value for a Criminal Code, Criminal Code article, the article is usually dependent on the total cost of production interest margin between 5% -10% added to the total cost of production. Facilities should be balanced interest rates affordable for students.

• Methods of production-this refers to the technical production which are used in the production of items. Simple technical production to be used in the production facilities. THIS including cutting, stitching, gluing, thonging interest. Art allows students to assist in the production of sacks.

• Security is to the Criminal Code, article-ensures that the resulting products will not cause injury or damage to the user. For example, add the wallet must be smoothed edges of cancer. Jiinyeerrada parts and other added facilities should be truly dedicated to looga avoid any injuries.

• Design and selection of cultural Murmur element- Yang is believed to reflect the client. It should reflect the culture of the client. Adinkra symbols including GEMS interest values of our culture can be used in designing facilities.

• Criminal Code, article Appearance end add-technical finishing product which was used to achieve is to ensure that the management, security interest Tarik see powerful items or upgraded. For facilities, the skin surface or display can be used by burnishing.

(Iv) Maybe some never Knew solution:

for reliable local response to the proposed issue. Many IDEA IDEA-Yang in the neighborhood found. Design elements such as lines, shapes, Murmur, etc. interest design principles such as harmony, unity, balance, etc. can be put to work producing the kind of designs for some facilities. The best design and the best will solve the problem is taken.

(V) Idea development:

IDEA or best design is more advanced and worked on through a series of stages or adding either reduce some of the original design. The main part add details Another original design will be maintained while working to develop a design that is unique and original. This will ensure that the most appropriate design in accordance with the work of the precedent selected.

(Vi) the design size / Model:

previous designs or models included with the final design is done using the equipment. It’s more making a real job as a model patented dimensional Yang showed Length, width, height work.

(Vii) working with the photo:

At this stage, different sections Yang added Criminal Code, article drawn into the scale to help designers manufacture of the Criminal Code, the final article. The exact dimensions add all of which will be shown the inner workings added. For example, the size of the party, even the bottom gusset facilities can clearly demonstrate that the work Fig. It can be used to generate a form or easily form Criminal Code, article. It also will help manufacturers produce something which looks like Massa and with precision accuracy.

(Viii) the string / Model:

This is the phase in Image not work Used construction of its kind in the Criminal Code, article. replica or a true copy of the final version of The Criminal Code, article added. prototypes built educational purposes or for tests to determine whether the Criminal Code, article will be able to solve the problem of interest was issued. For example, demonstrated a prototype facilities or in groups The targeted end users so that students comment about the form, Murmur add other features that interest will be produced facilities.

(IX) Production:

This is reflected in the level of the Criminal Code, the last article produced using the equipment, need attention above production method. The comments add weight end users as much interest either, and ITU is the actual production of add jobs.

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