Best Natural Resources for Expression Art

Society and all parts of the plant or tree can be used for the production of functional Drawing. For example, the leaves of some plants such as palm trees, can be used to produce caps temporary joy and fun events. palm leaves or branches can be divided into wicker baskets and other containers for storage and preservation of agricultural and personal wealth. Trunks as Sese, Asanfena, Sapele, Resources, WAWA and others can be used to carve beautiful sculptures figures functional. How the seeds of this plant? Ropes can be used in the production of yarn and beads of different body jewelry. The shape, structure and shape of the tree and resources for the development of the concept artists of the past and present. Harmony that mimicked the color of flowers to make laws and other communication features, such as color scheme.

animal sources

This refers to the resources found in animals. Key among them are hides, leather and kips both large and small animals, which are used in the production process of tanning leather. the skin can be used to produce articles of advantages such as hats, jackets, belts, clothing, furniture, table mats, wall hangings, etc. maabalka mammals and some bird feathers and are used in the manufacture of brushes. Some are used in the manufacture of a pen to write Empire while others are dyed in beautiful colors used to make bracelets and other decorations for clothes.

bone and ivory species some interesting articles can be engraved with numbers. Some are used to produce musical instruments such as horns and produce sounds great entertainment purposes. In some animal fat is used in the manufacture of binders for paint and some glue. Animal teeth, some can be used in producing collar, and other types of jewelry for body jewelry.

lead Source

It draws on resources from the ground or from secret deep hole. These include metals such as gold, silver, copper, bauxite, etc., this precious metal cast into a beautiful statue figures. Others are used in the manufacture of medals and other types of cosmetics. other precious stones and semi-precious as diamonds, emeralds and others have also been used by artists mainly for producing jewelry bracelets, top, and cosmetic products of all kinds.

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