Great Creative Illustration Techniques for Art Modern Designers

Graphic artist has introduced himself as a unique mechanism before adopting and using in the production of graphic design production. For example, some of the techniques that photographers are 1. This photo Pen and technology involves conversion of image outlines of a pencil drawing. This path is used to go to graduate. After drying, a small number of lines to be diluted with water for a lighter tone. Brush is used to apply the paint in the black areas of the picture. Where the paint is washed to make different sounds to bring the image shape. Scan made more powerful by using the pen line. It is used for catalogs, villages and market scenes, design fashion magazines, book covers, etc. Continue reading

Engineer and Design Process The Brain Behind Successful Creations

Apparels for personal adornment interest other improvements to livelihoods activities made possible through the design process and tor, engineer. creative abilities can be developed interest increased through the work and the design process tor, engineer. organizational skills, production skills, thinking skills learned as an artist through the design process. These skills, once developed, can be used to produce products for Yang useful when sold to help finance needs. Needs, tastes sintin interest wishes of customers are satisfied with the steps in the design process carefully followed. priority interest specifications for shape, size, Murmur, etc. Customers’ satisfaction. It is in helping to maintain good customer relationships and broad mobilization sales. Continue reading

Best Natural Resources for Expression Art

Society and all parts of the plant or tree can be used for the production of functional Drawing. For example, the leaves of some plants such as palm trees, can be used to produce caps temporary joy and fun events. palm leaves or branches can be divided into wicker baskets and other containers for storage and preservation of agricultural and personal wealth. Trunks as Sese, Asanfena, Sapele, Resources, WAWA and others can be used to carve beautiful sculptures figures functional. How the seeds of this plant? Ropes can be used in the production of yarn and beads of different body jewelry. The shape, structure and shape of the tree and resources for the development of the concept artists of the past and present. Harmony that mimicked the color of flowers to make laws and other communication features, such as color scheme. Continue reading